For Evers: I Affirm That I have Verified The Above Answers and That They Are True

Read the previous post on information regarding the 1930 and 1940 United States Federal Census on the Evers.

1920 Federal Census
As I stated before, Medgar Evers only appears in two census that the public can view.



Starting with the 1920 Census…
Individuals within this household:
Jim Evers (NOTE: When I first started writing, I kept mixing up the name James and Jim, but actually I was right in doing this. Depending on the census, James name is written as Jim, however, his real name is James, well at least that is the name given on his WWI draft.)
Jessie Evers
Eve Evers
Mike Evers

The Issue:
Where did Eve Evers come from? In this census, she is listed as the eight year old daughter of Jim. This should not pose a problem, right? Wrong. The issue is she is older than Jessie’s children from her previous marriage. She only had two children from W. Graham not three, which means that Eve had to be born before Jim and Jesse even met. Jim may have had a child as the result of another marriage or … before entering the marriage as well.

Eddie and Gene (Eugene or now even Gedna) are six and four years old. Also listed on the census is Jim’s father, Mike Evers. He is listed as being a 65 year old widowed born in Georgia. This will help when I do more research, so I was glad to find that. On this census, Eddie and “Gedna” are not listed as stepchildren nor are there surnames are not given because of this one assumes they are Evers, but until the 1930 Census you realized they are Grahams. This lead me to search for who their father was in the 1910 Census.

1910 Census for Eddie and Eugene Graham

1910 Census Graham

Who is in the Graham household?
Jessie Graham
Eddie Graham
Eugene Graham

W. and Jessie had been married four 4 years when he was around 18 or 19 years old and she was 16 to 17 years old. She had 2 children with 2 living. They both worked as farmers. Eddie was about 3 years old and his brother was 9 months old. W. Graham never list his full name because of this I am having a difficult time finding him in previous and later censuses.

I will end this post with the WWI Draft of James/Jim Evers.


Extremely hard to read, so I took a blank template provided by ancestry and filled it out. It was actually the wrong formed used, so it does look different.

James Evers

Jim/James was a WWI veteran entering the World War at 36 years old listing his nearest relative as his wife Jessie Evers. I will have to check to see if there is any more information about Jim/James’ time in the military. Although he serves in the military, he does not list himself as a veteran in the 1930 or 1940 census.

Still have more to post, but this is all I will share for now.


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