I successfully defended my thesis and graduated. I am excited about this next chapter in my life and a bit nervous (a good nervous). For those who do not follow me on social media, I will share my PhD reveal photo shoot. So where I am going, take a look and see.  First, I graduated from Messiah in 2014, then UNCC in 2017, and next…

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I will continue to study history and will definitely be working with the Baltimore community. Baltimore activists are doing incredible things and I hope to volunteer with local non-profit organizations. These two years went by very fast and I definitely learned a lot about myself. First and foremost, I learned to prepare for change.  I fell behind in my second semester due to unforeseen circumstances. I still submitted my work in on time; however, I felt the rush toward the end. I spoke at too many conferences and events, I fell sick, and I took on a full-time job to save money. I had to re-manage my time with no extra time! Because of this, I took a break from blogging as I had no time to do so.

With my Masters behind me, I will shift the focus of my blog just a tad bit. I will continue to post about my research; however, with this being a “diary of a historian”, I want to encompass this theme much more. Therefore, I hope to provide more thoughts and insight on this PhD journey and also tools on applying and navigating your way through graduate school. There were several things I wished I known before applying and I hope these posts will assist potential graduate students, particularly students of color, in their application process. With that, I will post about 1-2 times per week and will update you all about my thesis and research since January.

Blog goals: 

  • Limit my post to 300-500 words
  • Blog once/twice a week
  • Re-vamp the Flowers Family History
  • Gain more followers and interact with other blogs more

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