Its All In The Name


Vincent Allen Flowers 1906-2002

My thesis does not include the biography of Vincent Allen Flowers. To make my research more practical in two semesters, I focus on the biographies and more specifically the educational activism of Reverend Joseph J. Sawyer, Rachel Helen Flowers, and Geraldine Louise Wilson. Nonetheless, I continue to research all of the Flowers family members in search for a living descendant and to please my own curiosity. When announced an expansion of WWII draft records, I quickly made a free trial account to see what I could find. In my years of research, I never found the draft records of the Flowers men who possibly fought in the Second World War. These individuals included Vincent, Gladyce’s husband, Paul Stevenson, Hilda’s husband, Herbert Wilson, Henry Sams Jr., and Chauncey Sawyer Flowers Jr.. Of course, the first name I searched for Vincent Allen Flowers. The catch (the entire time) was in his middle name, Allen.

His school records listed Allen as a middle name.

His yearbook listed Allen as a middle name.

Newspaper articles listed Allen as a middle name.

But on Vincent’s WWII draft, he listed Albert as his middle name.

Vincent Albert Flowers


So is this Vincent Alfred Flowers my Vincent Allen Flowers. Yes.

Vincent resided in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the 1940s. He was born in Jacksonville, Florida on July 23, 1905 and if we look at Vincent’s emergency contact information (#7. Name of Person Who Will Always Know Your Address), his mother is listed–Mrs. Nancy (Henry) Sams. And she did live on 412 North Salford Street where Rachel also resided according to the 1940 Federal Census.

Simply a reminder for me to remain vague in my searches as oppose to searching with all the facts I know.

Until the next post (Hint: It is on Joseph Sawyer!)


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