Guess Who’s Back?


Watching the SuperBowl Game and cheering for the Panthers at the StreetBird (NYC)
Still recovering from the loss.

Last time I posted a blog was a little more than a month ago and how I miss having the time to do research. With work, school, conference prep, and a thesis proposal, I have had my hands full, but I am making time now to do the things I enjoyed. Self-care is important even if it is research (always remember that).

So what has been going on since January.

  1. I am speaking at the African American Intellectual Historical Society Conference in a few weeks on “What Shall I Teach My Children Who are Black?”: An Intellectual Biography of Geraldine Louise Wilson (1931-1981).
  2. I visited my second “home”–the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture and my collection was moved offsite. #fail
  3. I paid off some debts. (Now this is important)
  4. I planned a birthday trip to Iceland and Northern Ireland.
  5. I submitted my thesis proposal!!!
  6. I indulged in some Broadway shows–Kinky Boots and THE COLOR PURPLE!
  7. I have become overly invested in all of the political campaign shenanigans.
  8. I made some connections with the Dare family and distant relatives of the Flowers family (more to come).


What is going on with you all? What have I missed?

Until the next post!



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