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Life update:

Applied to my first Ph.D. program and did not get in. I was upset for about 0.34 seconds, but got over it. In all honesty, I knew after I paid that damn application fee that I was not going to get in. Eh, it happens. I did; however, receive admissions into another M.A. program in history. I will go if the funding is right, but if not I will spend a year doing an internship program or find a job in my field of research before applying to Ph.D. programs again. This time with the assistance of a Harvard professor who helped me become an expert in the art of selling of thyself. She encouraged me to pursue only Ph.D. programs because of funding, which unfortunately I did not have time to do last semester. She also said to think of your application as more than just a statement of purpose, it is more of a why should an institution invest a quarter of a million dollars into you. I also pinned down a topic wit her help because at first it was too narrow than too broad. I greatly appreciate her taking the time to meet with me and investing in  a young scholar.

In other news, I cut off half of my hair. Literally sat on the floor and started clipping away. Damaged ends from those tiny knots. Regretted it the next day…then again it is just hair and it is suppose to grow back. At least that is what I heard. I also took on another job and will probably take on another one. I figure I balanced four jobs while being a full time student, but in all seriousness, Boston is expensive. Save, pay bills, buy food, and repeat. Unsure of why I looked forward to adulthood as a kid. Other than that, I work, watch Empire and the Voice, do research, read, draw, journal, and sleep. Oh, and attend African American history lecture, which is always enlightening.

I’m over winter. I’m over this city and its inhabitants and ready for the warmth of the sun.

Until the next post,

Christina ❤

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