Reintroducing the Flowers Family

If you are new to this blog, you might be wondering, Who are the Flowers?. Since 2012, I have been conducting research on this family’s history beginning with Rachel Helen Flowers, the first African American student to attend my alma mater. Uncovering her biography led to an even greater story of her family’s vast and grand history in America through their strong faith and resilience. There are certain aspects of the family I will never learn about and I have come to peace with this. There are certain aspects of the family I have learned about that I will not share out of respect which is a personal decision. Regardless of what I know, do not know, and what I will never tale, there is a something about this research that has always bothered me—I have not found a living descendant of the Flowers family. I have share a great amount of their story and history, yet the reality is there are some stories and histories I can only learn through a family member. My goal by the end of the summer is to meet with a Flowers family member and together we will write the Flowers’ story. Of course, if disregard my research, I will of course respect their decision and not continue the research at all, but hopefully that will not happen. So, with a lighter schedule due to a lack of coursework this semester, I will take on the biggest challenge in my research locating a living descendant.

Please learn more about this family’s legacy through this link here.

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