Well Well Well

In the midst of finalizing housing for graduation school, (sending in payments next week!), and doing research, my laptop broke. It has been an on and off relationship with my computer, literally sometimes it would turn on and sometimes it would turn off. Luckily, it was not the hard drive and I was able to store all essential documents to a flash drive. As a computer technician, it was not hard to locate the problem, but after spending around $100 in parts and opening up my computer, I realized it was an issue I was unable to fix. Great!

What does this mean? Well, hopefully I will begin computer shopping in the next week or so, but as far as blog post, as you can see, they will not be up for a while. It is nice, I have to say, to spend time away from electronics; however, it does not help with job hunting. Most of my time is spend looking for a last minute summer job (which has been going well) and jobs in Boston when I move up there in early August. Other than that, I have journeyed into a bookstore, 2nd Charles.It was my first time there. We pulled up to the place and the first thing I saw was a bin of free books. I screamed and dug through the bin for about 30 minutes with my mom frowning upon my strange addiction to books. I ended up picking two novels one by Anne Moody, the other I am unsure. I also found a Billie Holiday CD collection.

Other non-exciting things in my life

1. I turned 22 and spend the day at home while my mom and step dad vacationed in Orlando…
2. Watched Law and Order SVU of course
3. Began reading The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks….MUST READ!
4. Started watching the show Catfish…seriously people are sending thousands of bucks to people they met online only to find out they are not who they say they are. Easily an addictive show.
5. Helped my mom with her graduate school work. She is getting her MDiv. We are officially in graduate school together!

Other than that life is boring. I have been home for a month, which is the longest period of time I have ever stayed at home and now I am starting to realized why now. But, I will be gone soon.

Until the next post


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