Chauncey Flowers Jr.

My final Fall semester is winding down; therefore, I will have the time to post more information about the Flowers I should probably be in bed right now to wake up early and study, but genealogy was calling my name. If you don’t know, this research has become my honors thesis which is continuing to spark new ideas and links in efforts to expand this family’s history. Perhaps it is because I met with my research adviser that I am excited and motivated to press on.

The family tree is growing and I am currently trying to locate a living relative of the Flowers. Why you may ask? Not only is it important to reach out to a living relative so that he or she may provide me with more details, but there is going to be a jazz piece written about Rachel Flowers!!!!!! This came about through an interest a professor had about Rachel and he plans on working on an eight to nine minute piece with the help of a composer to tell her story. I will have the honor to narrate it. It is an exciting opportunity, but it is also a privilege to see Rachel receive the honor she deserves. The concert will also be focused on Mandela and South African music with Rachel’s piece being performed in the middle. More details to come as the dates approach.

Tonight…or early this morning, I have been focusing on Chauncey Flowers, Rachel’s eldest brother. He passed away in 1936 after suffering from a long illnesses and is buried at Lincoln Cemetery in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He was survived by his wife, Ernestine, and two children, Margaret and Chauncey Jr.

WWI Chauncey

Today, I am proud to say I have found the wife and son of Chauncey Jr.. Well not physically, but historically, which has lead to the expansion of the family tree.


Chauncey Jr. was born in Harrisburg in 1920. He appears on the 1930 Census living with his mother and father as well as his younger sister, Margaret Flowers.


On October 15, 1942, Chauncey enlisted in the Second World War. He only had a year of high school education and was skilled in metal polishing. Following his time in war, he returned home to Philadelphia (his family relocated). In the second week in July, a birthday party was thrown in his honor on 4617 Hawthrone Street. Present was his mother, sister, and friends.


I am not sure when, but Chauncey married Glady and together they had a son, Chauncey Flowers III. Chauncey and his family relocated to Michigan with U.S. directories placing the family there form 1948 to 1958 as seen below. Chauncey worked as an inspector.


Some time between 1950 until 1955, Chauncey filled for a compensation for his service. His address is listed at827 West 2th Avenue in Gary, Indiana. His time of service was marked from October 15, 1942 until November 21, 1945. At the time of his entry in the military he lived at 4617 Hawthorne Street which coincides with the newspaper article previously featured. This is the article where I found Chauncey’s wife’s and son’s name.


The second page Chauncey attaches a letter, which blocks the remainder of the page…no hard feelings  for I have his signature..will explain in a later post why I need their signatures.


The last page includes the name of his wife and his child who was three at the time. It also includes the name of his mother and her address, which still is 4617 Hawthorne Street.

PennsylvaniaVeteranCompensationApplicationsWWII1950 (1)

There is still much to uncover in the history of this family. I will continue to search for his son and his wife, but I must go to bed now…it is pass 1 AM.

Until the next post.


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