After the War Was Over: Harry Flowers Part II

Harry returned to Florida during his time in the Civil War. There exist no census about Harry in 1870, 1880, 1900, or 1910. Just my luck.

Or perhaps it is my worst luck…


This is the 1880 Census on Harry Flowers. Now, the question remains, is this the Harry Flowers I am researching…It most likely is. This Harry is born around 1846 and living in Putnam County, Florida. Sounds like him, right? But, there is some problems. He is married to a Lydia Flowers with three children, Samuel, Mary, and Josie. He worked as a farm hand. What happened to this marriage and why can I not find his spouse or his children!!???

The only census that is for sure, without a doubt Harry Flowers is found in 1920.


He raised his children who remained in the household, Rachel, Vincent, Gladys, and Hilda. He was a divorced 74 year old carpenter.

In 1913, Harry and his children moved to Boiling Spring, Florida where he instilled into his children a sense of moral right and justice for the African/black people. He married his wife Nancy Sawyer in 1893 in Florida.

There are no articles referencing Harry; however, his military legacy is honored on a statue for black soldiers in the Civil War. He would pass away in 1928.

His obituary can be found in the Harrisburg Patriot (7/9/1928):

Harry Flowers died Saturday at his home at Boiling Springs. Funeral services will be held Tuesday afternoon at 9:00 o’clock at Wesley A.M.E. Zion Church, this city. The Rev. Rufus Hawkins will officiate. Burial will be in Lincoln Cemetery. He is survived by eight children: Chauncey S., John C., of New York, Rachel H. of Philadelphia, Theodore W. of Philadelphia, Vincent A. of Philadelphia, Gladys C. of Philadelphia, Hilda, of Boiling Springs; Mrs. George Conway of Philadelphia. Two grandchildren also survive him.”

A number of questions remain about Harry’s life. Who is he? Was his marriage with Nancy his second? Who is George Conway? Where are his other children in 1920? Why did he choose to move his family to Boiling Spring?

Too many questions, so little answers. The journey continues.


Until the next post.


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