I am home! I arrived in the United States on Sunday without any delays or troubles from custom after 20 hours or more of travelling. I was extremely exhausted and jet lag is taking its toll on me. I miss Lithuania well the simplicity of life there. It actually started to get warmer and the last few days there I could get by without a jacket during the daytime which was nice. It is crazy how much the weather changes your mood as well as ending finals. Back home for two days now and it is not a big shock. Life returned back to normal. I will be home hopefully until June and then I leave for an internship returning in August. In August, I might fly to Mexico to visit a friend as well as attend a wedding in Minnesota. After that, it will be time for school to start and off goes my senior year of college. I hope to do resume my research in a few more days…just let me deal with this jet lag and actually unpack first.

Photo: fun at HBH goodbye dinner


Photo: See You Later Alli(son)gator!  Thanks for coming, everyone!


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