Russia Through A Photographer’s Eyes

Been back from Russia for about a week now, maybe two weeks. I needed some time to catch up on schoolwork. I do not know how to describe the trip. I guess it was an interesting experience. I can say that I spent my spring break in Russia, which is pretty cool.

Lithuania Russia 109
I wonder do people actually read what I write. I wrote this in nearly all of the guest books. I think they just burn them. Before heading to Russia we stopped at the Hill of Crosses in Lithuania, took a train from Latvia, and landed in Moscow. We stayed in Moscow for approximately three days and then left for St. Petersburg. Most of the places we visited were the regular tourist attractions, churches and museums. By the third or fourth church, I was done. They were beautiful, but identical inside. I think the cold and the walking made me grumpy, but now I am starting to realize I am always that way. Not going to bored you with talking about race and Russia. I will either leave it written in my journal or save it for another blog. Instead, this blog will feature a “friend” who is also an amazing photographer—Travis Fife. This is Russia through his eyes, well through his lens and I was granted permission to use his photos.

(The photographer)


The malls were like museums and beautifully expensive. The Hill of Crosses was breathtaking as well as the Hermitage. I never seen Picasso, Van Gogh, or Monet originals. The Metro was confusing, but not as beautiful as people made it out to be, well at least the stations I saw. My souvenirs included a Russian Vogue magazine, a Russian journal, and two books by Louisa May Alcott.

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