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2013 510

Finish my first week of classes here in Lithuania. They are not hard, well actually it was only the first week which is the easiest week, but from the looks of it I am hoping for an academically good semester. I am still trying to create an independent study to make my senior year a little easier. I am still trying to figure out how to juggle seven 300-level history courses along with a math and art course and a senior project. With this also comes preparing to step into the “real world”. I have three options:

1. Teach for America

2. Apply to graduate school for African American History

3. An amazing internship and apply for a job in 2015 when the Black History Smithsonian Museum opens.

Then again, the good Lord works in mysterious ways and do something else with my life. Who knows?

Lithuania is getting better. I gotten over the stares and the points from adorable big blue eyed kids. Seriously no one has brown eyes in this country. I met more people who seemed to be cool and got in a debate with a Lithuanian about Duke vs. Tarheels. All I said was that I was from North Carolina and the conversation shifted immediately to college basketball. Today, we had a potluck dinner and I cooked fried cabbage. I love to cook especially for myself and being here you have to, there is no meal plans. Every two days or so I walk to the grocery store. It is pretty fun, yet strange shopping when most items are not in English, but hey I can whip up a meal out of anything. I am getting use to the country and the language…a bit. I actually had an interesting conversation with another Lithuanian, “Raddi”. It was a good conversation about America, pop culture, and Communist Lithuania. We soon became friends and at the same time disagreed about everything. It was too funny. She also said I had a “good mouth” meaning I could pick up words she would say, phrases like shut up and word to your mothers.

Okay, so about this new project…

At first it started off as Legacy of Kings. I love creative titles and it fit perfectly. I decided to do the ancestry of Dr. King, just to trace his roots to slavery and see if any of his family members actually assisted in pre-Civil Rights Movements. Well, I found out it was already researched and published online, so I stopped. It was fun while it lasted thought. Then I decided there were several other activist that I could research. My favorite, Medgar Evers, whose wife is performing the invocation to Obama’s inauguration. Guess who will not be there…me.

I will post a blog about it soon, perhaps today or tomorrow. I cannot wait to show you what I found so far. I think I will entitle this project For Evers, either with a space, or ForEvers, without a space. I need to stop with these cheesy titles, but I like em.


Well until the next post,

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