Census Documents and Google Maps

Current pictures of addresses found in census documents and new articles.

On census documents street names are typically on the side, once, where the census person first started. Because of this, you will have to go back to previous census documents in order to retrieve a street address. Sadly for this set in the 1910s I went through all 18 census documents with no address listed. To find the Flowers’ address, I searched through a home directory finding this:

1905: Rachel’s Home Address in Florida


The last known address I have for the Flowers is from 1905 at 1636 Evergreen Avenue in Jacksonville. Here is what I found with Google Earth (you can also use Google maps).


Street View


I did not have much hope in finding a farm from the 1910s, but I did not expect to find an intersection either.

No luck

1930 Census-Rachel and Hilda Flowers

Address: 632 North Frazier Street (Boarding Home)


1930 Census-Rachel’s place of employment at 1901 Walnut Street the home of Mayor Harry Mackey


In 1937, Rachel Flowers moved to 223 North 53rd Street and was thrown a house-warming party.



1936: Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Wilson, Rachel’s youngest sister Hilda.

Address: 620 North 55th Street, I just noticed her and her sister lived on the same street.


1940-Nancy Sams, Henry Sams, and Rachel Flowers

Address: 412 Salford Street


The perks of technology well the perks on Google Maps and Earth is that you do not even have to leave your home to have current pictures of a home addresses.

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