Rachel Flowers (1900-1988)

In 2009, Hierald Osorto began research on the first underrepresented students to attend my alma mater, Messiah College. During the institution’s centennial celebration, Osorto presented his findings, the first being Rachel Helen Flowers ’18.

Years later, intrigued by Osorto’s concluding line, I continue research on Flowers, the first known African American student to attend Messiah College in 1916.

About me: My name is Christina and I am studying history at Messiah College. Osorto’s research inspired me to learn more about Rachel Helen Flowers. Who was she? What was life at Messiah like for her? Who did she become? Why did it take so long to learn her name? Why do we still not know her story?

Stay posted as we learn and study the history of Rachel and the Flowers’ family.




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